Job Title: Executive Director

Overview: The Executive Director provides overall direction and management to attain the mission and the goals of the Arizona Academic Decathlon (AADA). The Director executes the mandates and the policies of the Association by developing programs to support administrative, operational, fiscal, and fundraising tasks to ensure success.

Report To: The Executive Committee through the AADA President

Major Duties:


  • Serve as Chief Executive Officer of the Association.
  • As an Arizona nonprofit organization, the Association is operated under the AADA Board of Directors. Although the Executive Director is expected to prepare all reports for the Board, action of the Board of Directors is required on all Association policy matters. However, authority and responsibility of the Executive Director is extensive.
  • The Executive Director is authorized to make all program decisions based on what is best for the students involved and for the future of the Academic Decathlon program. Such decisions include, but are not limited to:
    • Recruitment of volunteer workers.
    • Training processes for volunteers.
    • Origination of operation and competition procedural changes
    • Arizona Academic Decathlon operational and competition schedules.
    • Clarification, explanation, and/or enforcement of all Association rules, policies, and procedures.
    • Personal schedule of work.
    • Establishment of procedural priorities.
  • Define Association needs, develop operational plans for preparation and conduct of all regional and state competition-related events, develop budget recommendations, propose policies, secure Executive Committee approval for major program changes, and direct support staff/volunteers, coaches, regional coordinators, and state host in implementing the Association’s mission, goals, and objectives.
  • Ensure that Association business is conducted in conformity with Association policies, the constitution and by-laws, and other applicable laws and regulations.
  • Maintain the official permanent records of the Association.
  • Direct support staff and volunteers, evaluate programs and personnel, and provide opportunities to improve performance.
  • Actively promote membership in the Arizona Academic Decathlon.
  • Represent the Association through written and oral communications in pursuit of established goals.
  • Direct the development and implementation of programs and activities to strengthen the Association’s role in fostering educational leadership.
  • Make all necessary arrangements for safety and/or special accommodations of students, coaches, and volunteers during all Association programs.
  • Carry out other duties as directed by the Executive Committee through the President or which may be required by the AADA Bylaws.

Program Operations

  • Serve as general Arizona Academic Decathlon program manager and carry out all such duties as herein included:
    • Update and/or improve all written Association operational procedures annually, including all instructions for teams (coaches and students) and all volunteer workers state-wide.
    • Oversee acquisition and care of all Arizona Academic Decathlon program equipment and materials, as well as all office equipment, furniture, and supplies; maintain an appropriate inventory listing of assets.
    • Oversee the printing and distribution of all test materials, not only written tests but speech, interview, and Super Quiz materials.
    • Assist Regional Coordinators on planning logistics for regional competitions and give final approval for sites of all regional competitions and for training of all scoring chairpersons.
    • Oversee the logistics of the state competition including: selecting the most appropriate site, team and volunteer registration locations, volunteer and team meals, Super Quiz configuration, awards ceremony, and any other required space concerns.
    • Identify areas for improvement in the operation, budgeting, and administrative areas for all competitions and make recommendations to AADA Board accordingly.
    • Plan and implement an annual Coaches’ Clinic.
  • Administer the Association scholarship program on an ongoing basis. Prepare all student scholarship letters for mailing, arrange for payment of scholarships, maintain scholarship files and student addresses.
  • Supervise, as needed, new and experienced regional coordinators.
  • Enlist and train approximately 20 volunteer chairpersons, some of whom will come from the education community, but primarily from the business community; be responsible for the supervision of approximately 250 general volunteers for the state competition.

Additional Note: The running of the competition requires you to be able to physically move medal boxes, carry trophies, transport scantron machines, move quickly between speech and interview rooms, assist movement between test rooms, and oversee volunteer and team meals and your presence in various rooms throughout the competition.


  • Develop and maintain an effective fundraising program including direct solicitation and researching and developing corporate and foundation resources, provide administrative leadership to develop and fund AADA Student Scholarships.
  • Assist in developing supplemental fundraising activities.
  • Provide information for development of the annual budget to the Association President; administer the approved budget and ensure proper accounting procedures, records, and documentation.
  • Provide the Association Treasurer details of monthly expenditures and deposits including all receipts of expenditures. Obtain permission from the President and Treasurer for any expenditures over $500.
  • Approve all Association billings prior to payment; ensure that the Treasurer prepares a written financial report for mailing to the AADA Board of Directors prior to each regularly scheduled board meeting.
  • Identify and negotiate with vendors for best value.
  • Remain current on fundraising strategies, practices, and procedures being used in the nonprofit sector and inform AADA Board and volunteers of the most appropriate fundraising vehicles to investigate for implementation.

The Executive Director has the authority to sign AADA checks and to make individual purchases (not to exceed $500) to expediate the operational process when necessary.

Relationship / Public Relations

  • Develop and maintain effective relationships with coaches, regional coordinators, state host, Arizona Department of Education, and education-related associations.
  • Initiate and maintain phone, written, and personal contacts with district school superintendents, district board members, and high school principals regarding the Arizona Academic Decathlon program.
  • Maintain effective communications with the member schools, interpret positions of the Association, arrange for Association meetings, and develop ways to increase membership and strengthen communications.
  • Develop and maintain effective relationships with United States Academic Decathlon (USAD), other state Decathlon associations, professional associations, education entities, public officials, lay organizations, and the public.
  • Communicate with regional coordinators at least eight times per year and be available to each coordinator as needed. Written communication will include dissemination of all information received from USAD.
  • Develop and sponsor a region coordinators’ meeting each year for training coordinators and their organizational team.
  • Provide resources for public relations tools to the regional coordinators for the regional competitions.
  • Regularly update and supervise the maintenance of the AADA website: www.
  • Regularly maintain and update AADA current and future social media accounts.

Miscellaneous Duties

  • Make all plans for Arizona Academic Decathlon team attendance at annual USAD competition including transportation, hotel, and ancillary details; seek additional financial support for team travel and related expenses.
  • Serve as a non-voting member of all Board committees as required by the Board.
  • Make deposits and keep a detailed record of those deposits. Send the Treasurer monthly a detailed expense report along with the deposit details for that month.
  • Inform Board members of all meeting and events. With the AADA Board President, develop agenda or format for meetings; notify all Board members of meeting locations, directions, etc. (Enclose minutes of last meeting and monthly financial report with Board meeting notices.)
  • Develop and mail newsletter or other communications to sponsors, potential sponsors, regional coordinators, coaches, community leaders, and district superintendents.

Requirements for the Position of AADA Executive Director

Knowledge Required for Position

  • Understanding of the Academic Decathlon program
  • Organization of the national program, United States Academic Decathlon (USAD), and its relation to state affiliates
  • Management and administrative principles and practices
  • Fundraising techniques and strategies
  • Arizona Academic Decathlon operational procedures and written instructions/training for all Decathlon teams and volunteers
  • Structure and legal requirements for operation of a 501(c)(3) organization
  • Budgeting and accounting procedures required for Arizona non-profit corporations and for education-related programs operating under the Arizona Revised Statues and the United States Code of Federal Regulations
  • Regulations and laws pertaining to preparation of contracts or agreements for acquisition or rental of facilities, materials, and/or services

Skills Required for the Position

  • Management, particularly in organization, prioritization, time allocation, and work delegation to include establishing and maintaining both physical and computerized files and databases
  • Communication, both oral and written, to include public speaking skills and knowledge of grant writing
  • Operation of computer equipment/programs necessary to manage all areas of the Decathlon program and willingness to acquire additional computer skills needed for the growth of the program
  • Operation and/or understanding of Arizona Academic Decathlon test scoring processes
  • Leadership skills that can initiate new programs and/or expand existing programs
  • Balancing stress related to the time constraints of work responsibilities
  • The ability to be on you feet to facilitate the smooth running of the competition
  • The ability to move materials, tests, equipment, medals, and trophies to where needed during the competition


Thank you for your interest in the position of Executive Director of Arizona Academic Decathlon Association. Please review the job description before completing the online application. To be considered for this position you will need to submit the following information:

  1. Cover Letter (two page max)
  2. Resume
  3. Professional and Community Activities
  4. List of references
  5. Conviction Report (Download here)

Applications must be received by February 18, 2021. All applications will be reviewed and candidates will receive notive in writing of their status by March 5, 2021. Finalists’ intervies will be conducted between March 6, 2021 and March 17, 2021 and the final decision will be sent to finalists by April 9, 2021. Employment commences on July 1, 2021.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call or email Anne Edelstein at 602-263-5335 or