The Virtual National competition took place April 20-22. Hamilton placed 4th in Division I and 6th overall in the nation with a score of 41,438. Team members are: Chloe Zhan, Andy Ma, Kenneth Wang, Navaneeth Unnikrishnan, Sanvi Lamba, Shriya Bathula, Arun Chebrolu, Angela Sun, and Taryn Preis. The coaches are Carla Turner and Beth Trotti.

BASIS Scottsdale placed 3rd in Division IV with a score of 36,505. Team members are Tristan Clarke, Janvi Srivastava, Sunny Zhu, Evangeline Clarke, Ailish Nagpal, Lohithaksh Santosh, Hillary Phan, Achyuth Parthasarathy, and Samrat Bhiwapure. Their coach is Michelle Clarke.

Arizona was represented by three teams this year in the USAD Online Competition. BASIS Peoria represented Arizona in the Small School Division, Show Low was the representative in Medium Schools, and Red Mountain in Large Schools.

  • BASIS Peoria placed 2nd in their division. The team members are Akhil Rokkam, Abhave Abhilash, Juneray Xia, Swapnil Katikaneni, Aryana Mahimtura, Jacqueline Le, Joshua Lacrosse, Geneva Chung, and Keira Mundstedt. Their coach is Melissa Georgi.
  • Show Low placed 11th in their division with team members Great Gilbert Socco, Lenora Bernier, Graecyn Lewis, Adam Hobbs, Jerimiah Wahl, Hailey Dale, Phoenix Gegenheimer, Anaya Villalba, and Travis Marean; coached by Tonya and Jerry Butler.
  • Red Mountain placed 5th in their division. The team members are Sara Enright, Carolyn Brown, Matalin Hansen, El Wylie, Samuel Smith, Garrett Comes, Hayden Ferrell, Gandhi Hernandez, and Joseph Sabbagh. Their coach is Diana Sokol.

The following students took home medals in their specific divisions:

  • Abhave Abhilash (BASIS Peoria) – Silver Economics & Silver Music
  • Shriya Bathula (Hamilton) – Bronze Science
  • Carolyn Brown (Red Mountain) – Bronze Literature
  • Arun Chebrolu (Hamilton) – Bronze Math
  • Evangeline Clarke (BASIS Scottsdale) – Scholastic Bronze Overall, Gold Art, Bronze Music & Silver Science
  • Tristan Clarke (BASIS Scottsdale) – Honor Bronze Overall, Silver Interview & Gold Math
  • Sarah Enright (Red Mountain) – Silver Art & Bronze Science
  • Hayden Ferrell (Red Mountain) – Bronze Essay
  • Adam Hobbs (Show Low) – Silver Economics
  • Andy Ma (Hamilton) – Bronze Economics & Silver Literature
  • Aryana Mahimtura (BASIS Peoria) – Scholastic Silver Overall, Bronze Economics, Silver Essay, Gold Math, Silver Music, Gold Science & Bronze Social Science
  • Keira Mundstedt (BASIS Peoria) – Gold Essay, Gold Math & Bronze Science
  • Ailish Nagpal (BASIS Scottsdale) – Gold Economics, Silver Essay & Bronze Science
  • Taryn Preis (Hamilton) – Bronze Speech
  • Akhil Rokkam (BASIS Peoria) – Honor Silver Overall, Bronze Art, Gold Economics, Silver Math, Gold Science & Gold Social Science
  • Janvi Srivastava (BASIS Scottsdale) – Bronze Art & Gold Economics
  • Navaneeth Unnikrishnan (Hamilton) – Silver Interview
  • Kenneth Wang (Hamilton) – Bronze Science
  • El Wylie (Red Mountain) – Bronze Literature
  • Juneray Xia (BASIS Peoria) – Gold Essay
  • Chloe Zhan (Hamilton) – Silver Art & Silver Science

There were also nine students who attended Nationals as individuals and came away with medals. Congratulations to the following:

  • Farhan Babur (BASIS Scottsdale) – Silver Essay
  • Thor Eckman (Westwood) – Honor Gold Overall, Gold Economics, Gold Math, Silver Science & Silver Social Science
  • Aria Hewett (Basha) – Scholastic Silver Overall, Silver Art, Silver Economics, Bronze Literature, Silver Math, Gold Music, Gold Science & Silver Social Science
  • Daisy Martinez (Carl Hayden) – Bronze Essay & Bronze Literature
  • Weslee Nguyen (Campo Verde) – Honor Bronze Overall, Silver Art, Silver Economics, Gold Music & Bronze Social Science
  • Joseph Perez (Carl Hayden) – Gold Literature & Bronze Music
  • Karmina Sanchez Rodriguez (Hamilton) – Gold Essay & Silver Music
  • Nishaant Sistla (Hamilton) – Scholastic Bronze Overall, Bronze Art, Silver Literature, Bronze Science & Silver Social Science
  • Meenal Srivastava (BASIS Scottsdale) – Bronze Art & Silver Music