The USAD National competition took place in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania on April 25-27.

Our state champion, Hamilton, placed 5th in their division (I) and 8th overall in the nation with a score of 41,539. Team members: Chloe Zhan, Andy Ma, Claire Zhan, Arun Chebrolu, Audrey Zhang, Srijay Kalavena, Bruce Shen, and Thi Nguyen; Coaches: Yi Lily Chen and Esther Bateson.

Walden Grove placed 2nd in their division (IV) and 6th in the nation with a score of 42,463.7. Team members: Liliana Gutierrez, Zeph Aguilar, Lewis Harvey, Juan Noriega, Diego Gutierrez, Jacob Rothermal, William Short, Charlie Cockrell, and Sarah Devine; Coach: John Borja.

BASIS Scottsdale placed 2nd in their division (V) and 11th in the nation with a score of 39,197.7. Team members: Evangeline Clarke, Janvi Srivastava, Meenal Srivastava, Nimish Bharadwaj, Sophia Dumitrascu, Achyuth Parthsarathy, Mete Adli, Benny Hernandez, and Matthew Morozov; Coach: Michelle Clarke.

Arizona was represented by three teams in the USAD Online Competition. BASIS Chandler represented Arizona in the Small School Division, Show Low was the representative in Medium Schools, and Mountain View (Mesa) in Large Schools.

  • BASIS Chandler placed 2nd in their division. Team members: Miles Dieterle, Kaden Moore-Kosslow, Karthikeya Kodali, Zuhafa Taseen, Asher Algoso, Atharv Vallambhatla, Pranitha Chilukuri, Meera Bhakta, and Jonny Thompson; Coaches: Curt Canaday and Beth Cox.
  • Show Low placed 9th in their division. Team members: Aubrie Wilson, Raquel Wilson, Lenora Bernier, Zack Wullenweber, Anaya Villalba, Joe Lewis, Travis Marean, and Jerimiah Wahl; Coach: Tonya Butler.
  • Mountain View (Mesa) placed 3rd in their division. Team members: Joshua Leung, Khiem Nguyen, Abram Clarkson, Brynn Goodmansen, Chip Foote, Davin Decker, Tanner Swenson, Evan Hall, and Lydia Crider; Coaches: Corey Helsel and Freeman Pruett.

Finally, twenty-one students from Arizona were invited to compete in Pittsburgh as individuals and thirteen of those decathletes were able to attend – Megan Chen, Sebastian Clarke, Kay Davis, Elaine Huang, Prisha Khemka, Maddie Mitchell, Kevin Neese, Achyuth Parthasarathy, Hillary Phan, Saranya Sistla, Nicholas Solla, Elizabeth Ye, and Kelvin Ye.

The following students took home medals in their specific divisions:

  • Mete Adli (BASIS Scottsdale): Gold Essay & Science; Bronze Economics, Music & Social Science
  • Asher Algoso (BASIS Chandler): Silver Art; Bronze Music & Science
  • Meera Bhakta (BASIS Chandler): Silver Art & Science
  • Nimish Bharadwaj (BASIS Scottsdale): Bronze Scholastic Overall Award; Gold Music & Social Science; Bronze Art & Essay
  • Angela Chen (Hamilton): Bronze Music
  • Pranitha Chilukuri (BASIS Chandler): Bronze Varsity Overall Award, Art, Essay, Music & Social Science
  • Evangeline Clarke (BASIS Scottsdale): Bronze Art, Music and Speech
  • Abram Clarkson (Mountain View): Silver Music; Bronze Literature & Social Science
  • Charlie Cockrell (Walden Grove): Gold Varsity Overall Award; Gold Social Science; Silver Economics, Math, Music & Science; Bronze Art & Essay
  • Aydin Daniel (BASIS Scottsdale): Gold Science; Silver Economics, Bronze Math
  • McKay Davis (Casteel): Gold Literature & Social Science; Silver Economics & Science; Bronze Essay & Speech
  • Sarah Devine (Walden Grove): Gold Music & Speech
  • Sophia Dumitrascu (BASIS Scottsdale): Gold Interview; Bronze Economics
  • Chip Foote (Mountain View): Silver Essay & Literature
  • Brynn Goodmansen (Mountain View): Silver Art, Science & Social Science
  • Diego Gutierrez (Walden Grove): Gold Economics; Bronze Literature
  • Liliana Gutierrez (Walden Grove): Silver Essay
  • Evan Hall (Mountain View): Silver Essay; Bronze Literature
  • Mason Hammond (Basha): Silver Math; Bronze Music, Science & Social Science
  • Lewis Harvey (Walden Grove): Gold Art; Bronze Music
  • Benny Hernandez (BASIS Scottsdale): Silver Art
  • Elaine Huang (Hamilton): Bronze Art
  • Lekha Karthik (Hamilton): Silver Science
  • Karthikeya Kodali (BASIS Chandler): Bronze Honor Overall Award; Gold Economics & Science; Silver Art; Bronze Literature, Math, Music & Social Science
  • Joshua Leung (Mountain View): Bronze Social Science
  • Olivia Lu (Hamilton): Gold Math; Silver Economics; Bronze Essay
  • Andy Ma (Hamilton): Bronze Honor Overall Award; Gold Essay; Silver Literature & Science; Bronze Economics & Math
  • Wyatt Mekhanik (Basha): Gold Math
  • Kaden Moore-Kosslow (BASIS Chandler): Silver Math; Bronze Economics & Science
  • Kevin Neese (Canyon del Oro): Gold Interview & Math; Silver Economics & Essay
  • Khiem Nguyen (Mountain View): Silver Art, Essay & Social Science
  • Thi Nguyen (Hamilton): Silver Art
  • Juan Noriega (Walden Grove): Gold Scholastic Overall Award; Gold Math, Music & Social Science; Silver Economics & Science; Bronze Art
  • Hillary Phan (BASIS Scottsdale): Gold Interview
  • Jacob Rothermal (Walden Grove): Silver Art
  • Bruce Shen (Hamilton): Silver Art
  • William Short (Walden Grove): Bronze Varsity Overall Award; Gold Art; Silver Music & Social Science; Bronze Economics, Literature & Math
  • Oliver Smith (Casteel): Bronze Math
  • Nicholas Solla (Boulder Creek): Gold Literature, Music, Science & Social Science; Silver Economics; Bronze Art & Essay
  • Janvi Srivastava (BASIS Scottsdale): Bronze Honor Overall Award; Gold in Art and Science; Silver Music; and Bronze Essay
  • Meenal Srivastava (BASIS Scottsdale): Gold Honor Overall Award; Gold in Essay, Literature & Music; Silver Economics & Science; Bronze Social Science
  • Smriti Sunil-Kumar (BASIS Chandler): Silver Literature
  • Zuhafa Taseen (BASIS Chandler): Bronze Scholastic Overall Award; Gold Music; Silver Science
  • Jonny Thompson (BASIS Chandler): Silver Varsity Overall Award, Math, Music & Social Science; Bronze Art, Economics & Literature
  • Michael Torres (Mountain Ridge): Bronze Literature
  • Keira Upshir (Mountain Ridge): Bronze Essay
  • Atharv Vallambhatla (BASIS Chandler): Gold Scholastic Overall Award, Economics & Science; Silver Math; Bronze Art, Music & Social Science
  • Aubrie Wilson (Show Low): Bronze Literature
  • Elizabeth Ye (AZ College Prep): Gold Art & Economics; Silver Interview & Social Science; Bronze Literature, Math, Music & Science
  • Chloe Zhan (Hamilton): Bronze Music
  • Claire Zhan (Hamilton): Gold Interview & Bronze Art

All together, Arizona students won a total of 165 medals at the 2024 USAD National competition. Congratulations to our decathletes!