Volunteer Registration

Nearly 200 volunteers are needed to make each AADA competition a success.

To volunteer, you must have graduated from high school at least two years ago.

Numerous volunteer opportunities are available:

  • Interview Judges: A panel of three judges conducts a seven-minute professional interview with each student. Judges score students against a defined rubric.
  • Speech Judges: Each student delivers a four-minute Prepared Speech and a two-minute Impromptu Speech to a panel of three judges. Judges score students against a defined rubric.
  • Essay Judge: This will be done online in early March.  You will be contacted with details.
  • Test Proctors: Test proctors preside over a classroom of students taking a series of objective tests.
  • Super Quiz Proctors: Proctors administer this exciting quiz-show-style event, which is open to the public.
  • Timers/Runners: Speech and Interview timers keep time in the room for the judges.  Runners are needed to take score sheets to the scoring room. Can be a recent high school grad or current student for these positions.