We would like to thank the regional coordinators and chairs for all of the time and effort they put into a great set of competitions. Congratulations to all of the decathletes competing!


Region I – Show Low (Jerry Butler) 

1st: Show Low – 29,049
2nd: Snowflake – 28,317
3rd: St. Johns – 27,016
4th: James Madison Prep – 26,675

Most Improved Team – Show Low
Winner of the Super Quiz – Show Low

Highest Scoring Student – Aubrie Wilson (Show Low)
Outstanding Essay – Nina Robinson (James Madison Prep)
Outstanding Interview – Ella Engel (James Madison Prep)
Outstanding Speech – Jay Cadwell (Snowflake)

Region II – Boulder Creek (Kerry Woods)

1st: Boulder Creek – 35,189
2nd: Cesar Chavez – 34,889
3rd: Mountain Ridge – 34,782
4th: BASIS Peoria – 32,812

Most Improved Team – Washington
Winner of the Super Quiz – Cesar Chavez

Highest Scoring Student – Alexander Ewell (Cesar Chavez)
Outstanding Essay – Daniel Tang (Greenway)
Outstanding Interview – Victoria Araujo (Cesar Chavez), Cristian Ruiz (Alhambra), Juliana Straub (Mountain Ridge), and Joy Villavicencio (Thunderbird)
Outstanding Speech – Khalil Jebali (Central)

Region III – Morenci (Tiffany Powers)

1st: Canyon del Oro – 39,152
2nd: Walden Grove – 37,840
3rd: Marana – 34,778
4th: Gila Ridge – 29,211

Most Improved Team – Walden Grove
Winner of the Super Quiz – Canyon del Oro

Highest Scoring Student – Kevin Neese (Canyon del Oro)
Outstanding Essay – Sarah Devine (Walden Grove)
Outstanding Interview – William Short (Walden Grove)
Outstanding Speech – AJ Melchor-Etchechury (Gila Ridge)

Region IV – Williams Field (Heather Gossler)

1st: Hamilton – 43,744
2nd: Mountain View – 42,106
3rd: Arizona College Prep – 40,421
4th: BASIS Scottsdale – 37,353

Most Improved Team – Arizona College Prep
Winner of the Super Quiz – Arizona College Prep

Highest Scoring Student – Andy Ma (Hamilton)
Outstanding Essay – Evan Reeves (Westwood)
Outstanding Interview – Meenal Srivastava (BASIS Scottsdale)
Outstanding Speech – Andy Ma (Hamilton)